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Social Responibility

“Brandishing the vision in precision instruments manufacturing” is Acme corporate purpose and the inspiration behind the global outlook.

By giving our time and resources through zeal & zest, charitable efforts and social work, we seek to improve global health standards in general surgery.


Since, its inception, Acme has greatly donated cash, products & expertise to Non-Profit organizations such as Shoukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre (the inspiration of legendary captain of Pakistan World Cup–winning cricket team, Imran Khan), Sundas Foundation, Ansaar Burney Welfare Trust International, Co-operative (Maddadgar) Welfare Society, Sialkot Medical Complex, Gulzar Standard Public School, Al-Khidmat Children Hospital, Kashmir Aid Program, M.A Jinnah Foundation, Roshan welfare trust, Patients Welfare Foundation and many other local and international organizations.


Our Grants & Charitable Contributions Program is conducted in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and guidelines of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Approval of grants and charitable contribution funding is never related to or conditioned upon past prescriptions or purchases of our products.


Please note that we do not provide grants or charitable contributions via courtesy advertising, fund-raising events (like raffles and golf tournaments) or to governments, politicians, political or fraternal organizations.


Further, we do not offer or provide grants or charitable contributions to encourage or to reward the prescription, purchase, ordering, or recommending Acme products.

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